We're your influencer marketing partner for gaming.

Let’s check the facts. You’re not an influencer marketing professional. You’re a badass game developer or publisher! This is where LIXLOX comes in as your sidekick. We enable you to find and contract the right creators and influencers ensuring to release the full potential of creativity and right target audience returning in activations of your game and amplifying your marketing activities.

The LIXLOX toolchain guides you through the full process from matching creators, briefing for campaigns, schedule posts and takes for the boring legal and financial stuff you really don’t want to handle yourself. Acting on a global marketplace, we get our hands dirty on VAT topics and ensure all legal requirements are met.

Furthermore (yes, we keep the good stuff coming), within the same toolchain you can pass game keys and entitlements to creators for live streams and reviews. And as creators will love your game, we can enable them to sell your game directly to their loyal followers who love to support them by purchasing your game. Again, we handle all relevant parts like cash collection, key distribution and invoicing on behalf of the creator and show you fancy metrics in our platform about the positive impact on your sales.

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Powerful Powerful campaign wizard.

Plan, setup and manage winning campaigns with influencers on social media.

  • Define campaign goals
  • Select the right campaign channel and posting type
  • Calculate the required budget
  • Specify your pool of products for ambassadors and reviews
  • Craft spot-on campaign briefings
  • Identify and invite suitable influencers

Perfect proposals and cooperation agreements.

Craft structured, individual proposals to influencers with ease and nail cooperation details such as channel, deliverables, product samples, milestones or compensation. In addition, receive cooperation requests from influencers in the same, ready-to-process structure.

Smooth product sample delivery and generation of additional sales

  • Enable influencers to sell your games to their followers and fans by motivating them with a kickback on each purchase.
  • Pro-actively seed products to the influencer community
  • Integrate beta or review keys of your games into your campaigns and cooperation proposals

No matter which use-case, we make sure that every sample request lands on your desk in a structured and processable way. LIXLOX sample selection offers a beautiful, shopping-alike experience to the influencer, guaranteeing that every touchpoint with your brand is professional and welcoming.